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The Whole World, The Whole Story from AFP News

AFP News is the TV channel of AFP (Agence France-Presse), one of the world's largest news agencies and the oldest. The agency was founded in Paris, in 1835, employing dozens of journalists and translators. Nowadays, the main office of the agency is still in Paris, but it has representative offices in 150 countries in every continent. AFP News broadcasts in French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic.

News is provided daily with articles, photos and videos from every hard-to-reach corner of the planet. Reports from “hotspots,” chronicles of political negotiations, new legislation, scientific discoveries, sporting competitions, Hollywood events – all this independent information is fully presented in AFP News digests.
AFP News was the first to use HD technology in its videos and adapted it for all regular and mobile devices.

The agency's large number of prizes and awards proves that the agency meets high quality standards. Reportage from AFP News provokes discussions in blogs and social networks. If you want to join in, download the SPB TV app on your smartphone or tablet. Watch AFP News online and be aware of everything that happens in the world.

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