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About Euronews

Euronews (English) is based in France and covering world news from a European perspective.

Euronews is a 24 hour news channel that provides coverage of all the most important international news events. Based in France, Euronews in watched in 150 countries worldwide on terrestrial, satellite and cable networks. SPB TV broadcasts Euronews online in English, French, Russian, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, Ukrainian, Hungarian and Greek.

Euronews presents the most up-to-date information, often releasing breaking stories not even available on the other major world news channels. The quality of the information is guaranteed – anytime and everywhere.

What defines Euronews?

  • News is valuable when it is current. On Euronews, all breaking stories are covered immediately. Different language teams work independently and journalists write their texts upholding common corporate principles. Therefore, the picture is the same in all parts of the world and differences in approach may be explained by different audiences.
  • European news draws particular attention.
  • Business in all its forms is a main focus.
  • Special reports present an impartial point of view on different events in every corner of the world, including little discussed problems influencing people’s lives.
  • Sport attracts viewers, but also generates hot debate.
  • Culture incorporates a wide range of subjects, but Euronews successfully covers everything. Music, cinema, arts, literature and more combine for a full picture.
  • Sci/tech or new technologies reflect the scientific search for the future of humanity.
  • No comment videos embrace events with the most emotional impact.

Watch Euronews online with mobile phones and smartphones. With SPB TV broadcasting you'll know no limits.