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With the SPB TV you can watch the Extreme TV online on your mobile phone, tablet and PC/MAC.

About Extreme TV

Music and entertainment channel - the greatest hits of all times.

Created in Costa Rica, in 2008, a 24 hours entertainment channel offers lots of fun and relaxation to its viewers around the world. Extreme TV is a great pastime for the whole family. SPB TV’s users can watch Extreme TV online on our website and enjoy the content variety along with the excellent broadcasting quality. The programming includes movies and documentaries, TV series and sitcoms, live concerts and festivals. Check your erudition and participate in the entertaining quizzes; laugh over the hilarious videos and comedy shows; travel to the fairy-tale world with magical Disney cartoons; close your eyes and relax while listening to the spiritual music.

The channel’s broadcasting today is strikingly relevant and meets the modern TV viewers’ requirements. The core idea of Extreme TV is to develop a content that is appreciated by the contemporary audience and unites not only Costa Ricans but also the TV viewers around the world. The company’s slogan is “Spreading a far-reaching message in the extreme times.” This positioning thoughtfully explains the current state of society, and reveals an urgent need for the positive shows, as well as the programs that teach human values. The channel’s content is selected in such a way that almost every film, a cartoon or a program becomes an example of spiritual strength, vitality and the ability not to give up easily.

Extreme TV’s mission is to change the paradigm of broadcasting among the majority of the entertainment channels and prove that television can inspire and improve lives. Created for the young people and their families, Extreme TV urges us to move forward, to strive for the self-improvement and to enjoy every day of our life. Together, we can make this world a better place. Watch Extreme TV online and get charged with the positive energy for the day.