Lifenews on mobile device



With the SPB TV you can watch the Lifenews online on your mobile phone, tablet and PC/MAC.

About Lifenews

Breaking news and interviews with newsmakers and analysts.

LifeNews is a popular Russian TV channel presenting the latest news 24 hours a day across Russia and around the world via the SPB TV app. Our users can access LifeNews online anywhere they want with their mobile devices, desktops and smart TVs.
LifeNews has won several national and international awards as the best news and business channel.
The channel has offices in 20 cities in Russia and the CIS and has been created on the basis of the popular news and entertainment resource offers:

  • news updates every 30 minutes;
  • exclusive videos on the most important events of the day;
  • live reports from “on the spot”;
  • interviews with newsmakers in the studio.

Connect to LifeNews with SPB TV: stay online and you’ll be always be in tune with “ who, what, where and when!”