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About «MiShorts»

The world's most popular download service for short films with over 1,500 quality titles and a truly global reach.

MiShorts is a resource of short reels (podcasts), which covers various subjects, which are become more and more popular. The MiShorts Company was created as a service for video downloads, and recently became a broadcasting network.

MiShorts presents short cartoons, music clips and comedy sketches. Documentaries and educational videos are also popular: they cover historical events and scientific facts in a concise and interesting manner. Potpourris are focused on popular movies and shows. MiShorts favors all kind of experimentation: it’s no coincidence that the most unexpected technologies are used, which combine video, graphics and unusual special effects. Many short movies in all genres, from drama to horror, are also available on MiShorts. Many have received awards.

MiShorts make choices easy for viewers and with overviews and digests to introduce its various shows, inviting critics from other popular resources. Best videos are nominated in each category. You may follow best artists, discover the secrets of their mastery, learn other viewers’ opinions on your favorite movies.

Watch MiShorts online with SPB TV on your mobile device or PC. Get fresh exciting impressions and inspiration to create your own podcasts!

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