RUSSIAN MUSICBOX — российский международный музыкальный телеканал.


The most popular clips from the last decades.

"Russian Musicbox" is interactive music TV channel for young people. Now you along with the entire world can enjoy the best Russian music on "Russian Musicbox" online with SPB TV. Established in 2004, the TV channel began its broadcasting within the Russian territory. Soon, however, it became popular abroad: first, in the CIS and the Baltic States, then in most of the European countries, and now it covers Southeast Asia and South America as well.

The format of “Russian Musicbox” combines music and entertainment; you can watch the best music hits of all times and enjoy the programs of its own production. Groove on the songs of the 90s and today's new releases. If you are fond of pop, pop dance, pop-rock, Britpop, r'n'b and hip-hop, turn on the “Russian Musicbox” TV channel.

Apart from the music content the TV channel presents numerous programs of its own production and live broadcasts. Watch music charts, world music videos, show business news and popular shows with superstar VJs.

"Russian Musicbox" is a conglomeration of the most happening music, fashion and film industry events. There is no place for rumors and gossips on this TV channel; instead, we present only real facts and news to the TV audience. Just to name a few, "Raskrutka" is a reality show that gives young musicians an opportunity to declare their talent, while the TV viewers vote the most gifted among them. Enjoy such interactive programs as “Top 10”, “The Showroom”, “The Music Forecast” and other popular shows.

“Russian Musicbox” is the TV channel for young, energetic, ambitious and active SPB TV subscribers.

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