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With the SPB TV you can watch the TBN-Armenia online on your mobile phone, tablet and PC/MAC.

About TBN-Armenia

Public TV channel "TBN-Armenia" is a unique television project broadcast on the territory of Armenia.

World television programs, popular classic movies and new releases dubbed in the Armenian language, video performances of the Christian singers from all over the world - these and much more you can watch online on "TBN-Armenia". Not only TV viewers, but also famous people support moral television project. Among them there are politicians, public figures, culture and sports personalities, businessmen, bishops and priests around the world. For example, every December the TBN Company conducts a Christmas marathon that unites countries, people and the church. "TBN-Armenia" takes part in this social campaign in the threshold of Christmas aimed at restoring the significance of this holiday.

Watch “TBN-Armenia” online with your family. This TV channel is safe and appropriate for all age groups. SPB TV users can be rest assured that there are no scenes of violence and cruelty, jokes of a poor quality and an obscene language on “TBN-Armenia”. The channel’s programming includes feature films, spiritual, educational and non-fiction programs, news, music and more. Enjoy comic videos on Christian subjects that reveal important biblical concepts in an easy and playful way. This format provides a comprehensible explanation of such concepts as faith and forgiveness, the good and the evil, love and mutual support. As stated by "TBN-Armenia" managing director Arsen Ashugatoyan, the TV channel aims at conveying main Christian values to the viewers. One of a few such networks in the entire world, “TBN-Armenia” is designed not only to entertain the audience, but also to demonstrate them ethics and moralities.