21 October 2014

Ever year surfers travel to the popular seaside resort of Nazaré, Portugal to ride monster waves unlike any other in the world.

These waves are extraordinary due to the Nazaré Canyon just offshore which affects the ocean circulation and takes it to the next level. Follow Garrett McNamara as he prepares to defy the odds and ride the biggest wave ever recorded at 100 feet. It’s a thrilling adventure and record breaking feat brought to you by Nautical Channel.

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  • SPB TV Survey 2016

    28 July 2016

    Take Part in the Survey and Win an IPad or any other gadget of your choice! Every year we conduct a survey among the online video viewers to find out what devices you use to access TV channels and video, what do you like or dislike about the TV services and how your preferences change with time.

  • Watch CCTV online!

    1 April 2016

    We've good news for all of you who’re interested in information about China! Seven channels from China Central Television (CCTV) are now available worldwide.

  • SPB TV has added a new VOD channel - Damage TV

    8 October 2015

    SPB TV has added a new VOD channel - Damage TV. Damage TV's contemporary entertainment videos featuring sport and art are already available in the Videos section. Watch it online on your mobile devices and PCs with the SPB TV application.

  • Dragon TV on SPB TV!

    15 June 2015

    SPB TV is glad to announce a new channel - Dragon TV.