Arirang TV


About Arirang TV

National TV channel from South Korea. The home of the exotic and high tech invites you on a journey – your screen is your ticket.

Arirang TV is a Korean TV channel broadcasting in English and introducing South Korea to the world. The content of the channel is really varied – it provides a complete and multifaceted image of the country, of its history, culture, traditions and trends in Korean society. News covers the most important events in Korea and Asia. Talk-shows are popular with the participation of foreign diplomats, which discuss initiatives of Korean government and the perspectives of the country on the world arena.

Charity is one of the main activities on Arirang TV. Experts study the problems of the poor and the discriminated against in analytical programs. Another example: all the cooking shows on the channel are prepared in cooperation with UNISEF – projects contribute to the anti-hunger movement in developing countries. Arirang TV organizes charity fundraising for people in need.

Watch Arirang TV online in English on any mobile device or PC. Just download the SPB TV app, and all the mysteries of Asia will be revealed to you!

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