DW (English)


About «DW (English)»

DW is the flagship channel for Germany's international broadcaster and provides quality news and information across the globe in English 24/7. DW covers issues that are shaping the world – made in Germany, made for minds.

DW TV is a German channel provided by Deutsche Welle (founded in 1953), which provides German coverage for international audiences. Most of DW TV programs focus on news and information, but there are also lifestyle and entertainment shows.

DW TV broadcasts in 30 languages including German, English, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Indonesian, Swahili and more. The audience consists of more than 100 million people who are interested in the German point of view on important events and developments in the world. DW TV studios are located in Berlin, Washington, Moscow, Brussels and Buenos Aires.

You can watch DW TV online on your mobile device or desktop right now!

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