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About «France 24»

France 24 in English offers French perspective and sensibility on world event. France 24 is available worldwide on a 24/7 basis.

France 24 is a news channel, broadcasting 24/7 in French, English and Arabic. The headquarters of France 24 is situated in Paris. Its principal mission is to cover all the main events throughout the world from a French point of view and to provide analysis from a French perspective. France 24 provides a special focus on what is happening in the French speaking countries of Europe and Africa.

France 24 is a part of the France Médias Monde national holding and supports an official position on many questions. Shows in French for foreign viewers are prepared in consideration of audience specifics.

News and analysis play an important role. However, lately the channel has allocated more and more time to sport and entertainment, to debates and shows about culture. The opinionof France 24 is often contrary to popular English-speaking channels. Therefore many people who don't support America's political position, make a choice in favor of France 24, and don’t watch CNN or other US broadcasters.

The target audience are active people with strong public positions, who are interested in business and politics. They watch breaking news, detailed analysis by experts who are commenting on the latest important events, and interviews with celebrities. The Culture Critique show offers an overview of literature, music and cinema, with coverage of the latest exhibitions and fashion events. Shows, such as A Week in Africa, A Week in Asia, A Week in the Middle East and A Week in Maghreb are focused on the realities of these regions.

The France 24 broadcasting network covers all of Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The channel is available in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, as well as in many cities of the USA and Russia, in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines and Sri Lanka. The average weekly audience is over 40 million viewers.

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