About «NASA TV»

Popular science television channel developed by NASA space agency. You will see the most interesting programmes on space technology and the latest developments.

NASA TV is an educational channel, created and supported by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The channel was created in early 80s to demonstrate how space flights are prepared. Later, the network's coverage widened to include different kind of programs.

NASA TV is on air 24/7. Many of its show are intended for schools, museums and universities. They cover the history of space exploration as well as the actual situation in the field. This task is also fully accomplished by NASA TV Education channel.

he NASA Gallery show provides a view on history with archive photos and videos. There are also videos from information agencies and other medias – they are all available in this special show.

Science and education are the main themes of NASA TV. The channel demonstrates interesting technical aspects of the space-equipment industry. Viewers can see how the International Space Station and Mission Control Center work, how space ships are equipped, and follow interviews with astronauts. Keep up to date with news about the latest events and projects of NASA.

Online broadcasting from the camera attached to the ISS is also available in the NASA TV Live Space Station show.

he channel has been awarded with an Emmy.

Watch NASA TV online with the SPB TV app and uncover the mysteries of the universe together with millions of other curious people from around the earth.

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