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SPB TV free mobile application brings you the best Russian and international TV channels and videos to watch on your mobile device. One minute to install the app
with 200+ TV channels to enjoy.

How to install SPB TV:

  • Follow this link and the system will automatically identify your OS and offer the setup guide for you.

  • In the official app store of your mobile device (Google Play, App Store and others) type “SPB TV” in the search blank. Open the app’s page and follow the setup tips.

To learn more about the application and how to install it, choose your OS logo and go to the page with a detailed description.

Android | IOS | Windows Phone | Symbian | BlackBerry | Bada

Your questions, feedback or suggestions on the app’s operation and service improvement are most welcome. Please, feel free to write to our technical support team at We are happy to help every clients.

We kindly request you not to skip the registration while installing our free mobile tv app. We don’t share your personal details with third parties. We would simply like to know more about you and your preferences in order to improve the quality of service and meet all your requirements..

For active and ambitious people who are always on the move and do want to stay up to dated, the SPB TV mobile app presents a comprehensive and affordable solution – mobile TV that is always with you, for you..

Mobile television is now available on all mobile screens with any OS. Mobile TV service presents over 200 premium and free-to-air world channels as well as dozens of the best videos from all over the planet. Watch TV on your smartphone, tablet or mobile phone and enjoy the exclusive content anytime, anywhere..

Speed and quality standards define your viewing experience? If so, then SPB TV was created for you. Such optimized features as video quality choice options, quick channel preview and much more create an unparalleled mobile TV watching experience for SPB TV users..

Subscribe to SPB TV and live to the fullest without missing out on anything important. Once and forever, forget the regrets of the unwatched series, sports games or news due to traffic jams, business trips and family outings. The SPB TV app offers a seamless mobile TV service that is set to transform your smartphone, tablet or mobile phone into a pocket telly..

Mobile TV on the go is the optimal choice for those who make the most of their time. Try it out and you'll see that we are right..

Thumb a mobile TV ride?

Mobile TV App

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