How to watch RT for free?

07 December 2016

How to watch RT for free?

Many people ask how to watch the RT (Russia Today) TV channel for free.

This channel is one of the most popular alternative view channels in the World but usually You can find it in paid subscriptions of cable TV.

Great news!

SPB TV maid it for free for all our customers. No more money, no subscriptions. Watch the RT online everywhere when You want.

How to watch RT for free on PC

If You want to watch the RT on your desktop or Mac then just go to our web site, find one of several RT channels (we provide set of English language RT channels, RT Arabic. , RT Espanol, RT Doc) and enjoy with watching in HD quality!

How to watch RT for free on Mobile

You can install our mobile application SPB TV that is accessible for iOS, Android or Windows Phone. Using the app you can find RT channel and enjoy watching it on your smartphone or tablet. 

How to watch RT for free on TV

The SPB TV mobile application player supports the Google Cast (Chromecast) device. You can just attach the device to your TV and run the RT to Chromecast connection.
Then You enjoy watching Russia Today on your big TV screen.

How else may I watch the RT

The RT channels available for free also in the Belt and Road TV web site and application. You can use the Belt and Road mobile app or web site the same way how You use the SPB TV. RT is also free of charge in the Belt and Road TV!


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