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SPB TV – mobile and online TV

  • Not everyone can afford the daily luxury of watching TV in a comfortable living room armchair. Caught in a traffic jam during the Olympics ceremony? Meeting deadlines in an office while your football team is playing an important match? Missed the final episode of your favorite series in a business trip? Sounds familiar...

    Mobile TV

    The SPB TV mobile app presents a comprehensive solution. Our application is available on smartphones, tablets and mobile phones supported by any OS: Android, Windows Phone, iOS, Symbian and Blackberry. In the country-side or abroad, in a queue or in a traffic jam – you will never get bored and always stay up to date.

    Online TV

    Are you keen on watching TV online? All what you need is Internet access and an open browser on your computer. Choose the TV channel you want, start SPB TV player and watch TV online on your PC or laptop. A video quality choice option, quick channel preview and many other optimized features will create a compelling online TV viewing experience.

  • The best content

    Enjoy over 200 TV channels, premium and free-to-air, both on your mobile device and computer. New and your favorite content that has stood the test of time. The most interesting videos from all over the world in a convenient on-demand mode. TV channels and programs to suite all tastes - sports, music, world movies, TV series, episodes and sitcoms, documentaries and travels, news and talk-shows – it’s tough to imagine anyone unsatisfied with SPB TV`s exclusive service.

    Install SPB TV

    Often, life goes so fast that you don’t have a single minute free. We value your time, too. Install the SPB TV mobile app on your smartphone or open SPB TV on your PC’s browser. Enjoy SPB TV online with any mobile platforms and operation systems.

    Live in your world, be entertained in ours.
    With SPB TV.

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