About RT

Watch online for free the RT (Russia Today) - the first Russian TV channel that creates news with an edge for viewers who Question More.

Online TV channel RT (Russia Today) is the 24/7 free mainstream channel that broadcasts alternative perspectives on current affairs, and acquaints international audiences with a Russian viewpoint on major global events.

If You question more - watch online the RT and find answers.
The RT channel is streaming in HD quality and accessible on Desktop and mobile devices with the Belt and Road TV application worldwide for free.
You can find all about politics, business and also sport and show.

US and UK 

In the US watch the RT America!
In the UK watch the RT UK!

Watch RT online for free.

It is free. It is accessible on your PC or mobile device with the SPB TV application. You can also watch the RT for free on your TV with Google Cast (Chromecast) device 24/7. No more money, no more subscriptions for watching the RT.

You can also watch RT (Russia Today) worldwide for free in new Belt and Road TV service http://beltandroad.tv/channels/rt.html.

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