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01 April 2016

7 CCTV Channels are now available worldwide

We've good news for all of you who’re interested in information about China! Seven channels from China Central Television (CCTV) are now available worldwide. They’ve been broadcasted on SPB TV since September 2015, but only on the territory of Russia. Many of our users in Russia are watching news in major world languages, the best documentaries, fascinating shows about travel, cooking and more, as well as movies and series for viewers of all ages.
From now on, you can watch CCTV across all continents and this is great news for the Chinese diaspora, which is spread around the world so widely!
Another announcement concerns the worldwide launch of China Economy Portal, which belongs to Jingji Ribao, the professional No. 1 web-source in China on finance and economy. This new media-channel offers an independent view on worldwide trends in business and economy.
So, join SPB TV!

CCTV online

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