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Using SPB TV Video is not streaming, what Internet connection do I need, video quality is not good, SPB TV wants to access my phone data, etc

General Questions

1. How can I download/get access to SPB TV app?

The current version of the SPB TV application is completely free. You can download SPB TV from the App Store or Android Market 
Alternatively, you can download SPB TV directly from our website: after choosing your preferred OS and then find SPB TV.

Note: SPB TV requires high-speed Internet connection, such as 3G or WiFi (210 - 350 kBits/sec).

2. What mobile platforms support the SPB TV?

SPB TV is available for almost all the existing mobile OS’s: Android, Symbian, iOS, Bada. There has been refreshed support for SPB TV versions for OS Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, webOS, Maemo, and Windows Phone.

3. What if there is no SPB TV application for my phone?

You can still watch mobile TV by using the WAP-version of SPB TV. Just open the next page in the browser on your device: Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that WAP-version of SPB TV will work on your device, because the device model might be outdated.

4. Is it possible to watch SPB TV on your desktop?

Yes, it is. The browser mode allows you to watch SPB TV in all major browsers: Firefox, IE, Chrome, Opera and Safari. Type in the address bar of your favorite browser and start watching SPB TV online.
Please note that the list of channels available on your mobile device might differ from the one available on the desktop version due to license agreements with content owners.

5. Can I install SPB TV on a storage card?

Yes, if a storage card is available we recommend you to install SPB TV on the storage card because SPB TV service requires a considerable memory space.

6. I have a problem with my SPB TV app, what can I do?

If the SPB TV app is not working, please contact our support team at email. Please provide as much information about the situation as possible, including:
- device model and device operating system version;
- the type of Internet connection that you are using (WiFi, 3G, other. Please also specify your mobile operator);
- a detailed description of the issue. If possible please describe your actions step by step, including where exactly the problem happens.

Tips Various tips and tricks

  • If video quality looks blocky, blurry, or pixelated when you use a 3G connection, while everything works well when you use a WiFi connection, it means that we are unable to deliver our highest video quality due to the poor quality of your mobile Internet connection. Please contact your mobile operator for a faster connection.
  • If you experience a low video quality, and the next day the quality is good, it typically means that the problem was in a poor Internet connection.
  • SPB TV supports only official operation system versions. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that SPB application will work on unofficial versions.

Channels / Content

1. What channels can I watch in SPB TV?

SPB TV offers quick and easy access to 200+ free and premium live channels from 20+ countries as well as Video-on-Demand services. The premium channels are available for subscription (these channels are marked with a $ sign). The premium channels are currently available only for iOS and Android versions of SPB TV app.

2. I would like to see more channels in SPB TV app.

We are constantly working on adding new channels to SPB TV. All channels available in SPB TV apps have TV licenses. Adding new channels requires agreements with content owners and special licenses to stream content to mobile devices. Unfortunately, that is very slow and complicated process.

3. What packets of premium channels are available for subscription in SPB TV? How much it will cost? How are subscriptions organized and what are the available payment methods?

The premium channels are currently available only for iOS and Android versions of the SPB TV app. You can find all the available subscriptions right from your SPB TV app.

On Android devices:
- Launch the SPB TV app;
- Open Channels Store (Catalog) by tapping “+” button;
- Scroll to the “Recommended”, “Channels” and “Video” tabs from right to left
- You will see a “Subscriptions” tab with all the available subscriptions

On iOS devices:
- Launch the SPB TV app;
- Open Channels Store (Catalog) by tapping trolley button;
- Find a “Subscriptions” tab
- You will see with all the available subscriptions

The current versions of SPB TV apps for iOS and Android devices support auto-renewable subscriptions. It means that the subscription will be renewed automatically at the end of the initial period, and the recurring payment will be made accordingly.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel a subscription that was activated from an iOS device please follow the steps below:
- Open Settings (Settings on your iOS device);
- Select iTunes and App Store;
- Select your Apple ID – View Apple ID;
- Find a TV Subscription and remove the check mark from the box of the subscription that you’d like to cancel.

To cancel a subscription that was activated from an Android device please follow the steps below:
- Open the Play Store apps store on your device;
- At the side bar menu select “My Applications” tab;
- Select “Subscriptions” tab;
- Find a TV Subscription and cancel it.

Please, find more information on Apple subscriptions here:
Please, find more information on Android subscriptions here:

Payment methods:
It is easy to pay for your SPB TV subscriptions using your credit or debit card linked with your Apple ID (for iOS devices) and Google Account (for Android devices). You can find more info on other payment methods on Android devices here:

4. Is it possible to add your own streams in SPB TV?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to add your own URL streams to the current version of SPB TV. You can suggest a TV channel that you’d like to add to SPB TV app by contacting our support team at email. If you are the content copyright owner, please contact us at

5. Why do some of your competitors have TV channels that are not available in the SPB TV app?

We never add a TV channel if we don’t have agreements with content owners. All channels in SPB TV have licensed and we are constantly working with content owners to add more channels to SPB TV app.

6. Why some TV channels are not available in my country?

According to the agreements with content owners, some TV channels are available only in specific countries. We hope you understand and we regret the inconvenience.

7. Why are some of TV channels that were previously available no longer available now?

That might happen if the current agreement with content owners were changed. We are constantly working to make more channels available in SPB TV apps.

Using SPB TV

1. What kind of Internet connection do I need to use SPB TV?

To watch smooth online TV on your device a Wi-Fi, 3G, or WiMAX connection is needed. The video quality is adjusting to the quality of your Internet connection automatically in SPB TV versions for iOS and Android due to the adaptive streaming technologies. Please note that if you use a mobile Internet connection, the data traffic will be charged according to the tariff plan established by your mobile operator.

2. Why does SPB TV need to access my phone`s data?

The latest version of SPB TV gathers such information like phone data and phone state in order to improve our services. We do not share this information with any other people or companies.

3. I have a poor video quality (pixilated, interrupted by the spinning wheel etc). How can I fix it?

In most cases this is due to a slow Internet connection. To watch smooth online SPB TV requires high-speed Internet connection, such as 3G or WiFi (210 - 350 kBits/sec).

Tips Various tips and tricks

  • Set up reminder not to miss you favorite TV show.
  • Turn the volume up or down using volume buttons on your phone.
  • Action button on the volume panel turns on mute in SPB TV. You can switch it on and off by pressing the volume button.
  • If your device is in the silent mode when you start watching SPB TV, the sound in SPB TV will also be turned off. You can turn it on in the settings any time you like.
  • If you are using iPhone and have the sound turned off with the switch on the side of the device you can turn the sound on with that switch only

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